88. This chapter describes the main trends with regard to sources of funding, overall expenditures, cost recovery, and affordability of water and wastewater services across the region. On the sources of sector funding31, it adopts the Three Ts framework from the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). Consistent information about those three factors is, however, scarce32, and comparisons are challenging; therefore, the figures presented in this chapter should be viewed as indicative of the overall trends rather than exact information about the funding of the sector in each country. In addition, the figures track only the public side of service provision. Private investments by households or communities, and the tariffs paid to local informal providers, are neither tracked nor incorporated into the overall sector financing overview.

89. Most of the information collected stems from a country-by-country effort conducted under this review to collect publicly available data about sector financing (mentioned as SoS data collection), which was then consolidated into a simplified sector financing model for each country. The methodology and assumptions necessary for this chapter are briefly described in Methodological Notes C (sector financing) and D (affordability calculation), at the end of the document.